TBC - Goodness is Here!

It’s all about Goodness.

Goodness in business. Goodness in customer relationships. Goodness in marketing communications. And Goodness in everything around us.

Goodness spreads when we are open to change. A change that can bring a positive difference to our business. The way we manufacture our products, the kind of services that we offer and how we use different means of communications. At Thirteen BrandComm (TBC), we are not just facilitating your advertising requirements. Indeed, that’s our core strength. Along with that, we encourage a culture that can assist our clients to be the catalyst for change.

Our team believes goodness here in ourselves and thus, find for others too. We do everything out of our creative intellect and experience on sensibility, eccentricity, and complexity of the world. As an advertising and creative writing hot shop, with inventiveness at our core, we sell for you the most compelling brand experiences across all global platforms and help to grow your networks unparallel.

Team TBC

A Dynamic Company with Big Capabilities

TBC Worldwide is a dynamic force with good spirit. The advertising agency was started off in the year 2015 July, and within a small duration of just 18 months, we have served over 100 clients in India and abroad. TBC is expected to start its new office in Sydney, Australia within a couple of months and also set to expand its realms in other cities of India and the Middle East in 2017.

A short journey that we have covered so far and a lot more to go. To make the world a wonderful place to communicate; through our advertisements, digital campaigns, creative strategies, blogs and much more. We know it’s a big dream to fulfill, and we realize that for every big goal, there needs a small step to be taken first.

And we already made a leap!

The Pillars

As the name suggests, Thirteen BrandComm is built on 13 pillars, and that help us to move forward along with our clients.














Business Ethics


Strategic Planning


Digital Presence


Client Engagement


Flawless Execution


Work Culture



Why TBC?

We are an end-to-end service provider when it comes to marketing and communications. We focus beyond advertising. From a simple market study to complex market research, development of marketing strategy to its implementation, routine branding activities to digital marketing techniques, great photography works to well-conducted events, we are all set to change the game. Every service that we offer will be customized to suit the requirements of our clients.
For us, the growth of our clients really means a lot. We believe that’s how we prosper too.