Trending ‘Journalistic Ads’, Pros and Cons!

Traditionally, journalism was considered to be the source of news. With the advancement of media, journalism became a means to advertise; inform, investigate, educate, entertain and make money. As Julianne Schultz said, modern media possesses various ‘guises’: a political player, an economic agent, a social agent and a technological innovator. Thus the multiple media mission with social, political, religious, economical, technological, psychological and intellectual influences on society made journalism more commercial. News media act as powerful weapons which mold public agenda. It has the ability to stabilize a person, event, organization or industry and thus journalism as a public relation is pervasive in nature. The scope of advertisements as news or news as advertisements is always immense. We call it ‘Journalistic Ads’.

Journalistic Ads can be anything and everything that can attract society. Anything worth for attention is news, so getting paid for generating the audience attention with news is the mantra for this business. This is central to the idea of celebrity advertisements because the employment of a celebrity brings with it newsworthiness. The business field is tight, costly and competitive. Megalomania, professionalism, competition, large investments, revenue, the influence of corporate powers, political interference, cultural and religious attitudes and technical advancements, are the major background for business in this field. These aspects made the news media a remarkable business sector with the daily rating and reach.

Critics of modern media argue that, since the news media has been subsumed by large companies and monopolistic control, it cannot function as an effective `watchdog’. It just works for ‘publicity’ and tries to gain free space for them. If we consider the economic profits as the base for the production and promotion for the news firms, then it’s a reality that the current business aspects followed by news media are a necessity which cannot be avoided.

We can recognize that profit-making not only empowers those who are successful in it, but also a wide range of profit acquisition springs within. Media in the hands of powerful business elites continues to flourish, with them many large and small scale agencies and enterprises. The business is an encounter with pressures and constraints of time and competition. The trend motivates the newsmen to explore more of the world and to select different means and sources for his venture.

The quest for truth is the basis of journalism. News media which believes in truthfulness and commitment to society are considered to be strong and excellent, and for them ‘quality is the business’. Journalistic Ads also value quality and only vary in message variable, where means is also important. The message is passed voluntarily to seek attention. The viewers or readers may or may not feel comfortable and respectable to the work, when they sense that the media has made favors to their client, within the limits of time and space, regardless what is true and what is not.