Tips for Creating Marketing Facebook Posts

Social networking sites can be broadly defined as Internet-based social spaces designed to facilitate communication, collaboration, and content sharing across networks of contacts. The best network opted by marketers to get connected to the target audience is Facebook. It is identified that Facebook users keep hundreds of connections for frequent business and marketing. Facebook recently made some changes that they hope will help to give a better experience for users but is making it difficult for marketers to have their content highlighted. By following some simple and attractive strategies, you can overcome the situation to make your business bring to Timeline.

Create Content Calendars
To keep consistency and frequency in updates create a fixed Content Calendar for your Business page. Facebook keeps track of the pages a user get most interacted with and gives a small boost to the visibility of the last fifty pages in the news feed. It can be commenting, sharing, likes, profile, and photos views. For a business page, one of the best ways to get attracted is to make sure you’re sharing content on a consistent basis.

Utilize People Participation
The audience always looks for high-quality content, and it is one among the best way to spark engagement and make them participate without asking for it. Try including more fill-in-the-blank, thumbs up, true or false, quiz, puzzle or crazy question. It helps to make people participate and engage in your page.

Post properly sized images
Facebook considers images that fit their dimensions. It helps to maintain high quality and visibility. Facebook recommends uploading images that are 1200×1200. You can use Aviary or PicMonkey to create or crop images to the appropriate size. Properly sized images directly increase the viewership and sharing. The quality of content is determined by clicks and comments according to Facebook. For marketers, it is good to keep the quality of pictures to impress clients.

Post at perfect time
The time you publish content on Facebook has a significant impact on the reach of your content. Holidays are best to add posts that seek people participation. Special hours or days like international celebrations, games, shows, etc. increase the search for specific contents. Knowing the mind of the target audience is very important. You can easily correlate your products and trends of time through your Facebook posts to grab attraction of audience.

Real, Rare and Relevant Updates
Facebook users always aim at relevant posts to add up to their timeline. So it is the responsibility of marketers to create something real and rare for the fans to share. Recent studies on Facebook concluded that its users prefer engaging with current news or shared interests rather than memes. So it is good to stick on to the content that relates reality with creativity. Make the people talk about your page. Creating a unique image in virtual space always provides identity to the business.

Share links that are mobile friendly
Today, in this busy world it is very difficult to grab the time of individuals. The best way is to keep the way maximum clear and direct for your customers to reach you. About 300 million users access Facebook only on mobile devices. Thus it is important to put emphasis on links that work effectively on a mobile device. To see whether the posts you are linking to the page is mobile friendly, simply check on your phone before you do.

Priority to public
The success of marketing is determined by reach. Social media is about connecting with your audience and building relationships with a mass of people. So it is important to understand the trends in News Feeds that work meaningful for your target audience. Your inputs should be powerful enough to satisfy the needs, interests, and expectations of your audience. Give priority to your audience/customers. Keep it as your top marketing strategy.